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Director Election Information & Qualifications


PEC Director Qualification Requirements, Responsibilities & Duties

Directors are elected for 3-year terms and must be a member of Price Electric Cooperative and a bona fide resident of the district he or she is to represent. This means that the member’s legal domicile or primary residence is in the district for which they would be director. This is determined by the address on your driver’s license and your voter registration.


They cannot be employed by or financially interested in a competing enterprise or business selling energy services or supplies to Price Electric.


While serving as director or at any time in the three years preceding election or appointment:

  • They shall not have been employed by Price Electric or any entity controlled by Price Electric or was convicted of any felony or of any other offense involving a breach of trust.
  • They shall not have pursued any litigation or claim against Price Electric or any of its employees or directors,
  • And shall not have been in default on any obligation owed to Price Electric.


A director must be willing to abide by board policies regarding director duties and responsibilities.


Attendance is required at monthly meetings at PEC office, usually the last Thursday of the month. The meetings start at 9:00 a.m.


The function of the director is to establish policies for the cooperative, but they do not oversee the day-to-day operations of the cooperative.


It is necessary to become knowledgeable of the issues in the rapidly changing electric utility industry. It is a director’s duty to understand current issues and how they can affect the operation of the cooperative.


A director must be accessible to members as they are accountable to the members who elect them and should be willing to answer questions and discuss concerns brought up by members.


Training seminars are available to improve understanding of cooperative business procedures and duties of directors. Some courses may lead to Credentialed Cooperative Director and Board Leadership Certificates.


Directors may attend the district and annual meetings of affiliated cooperatives such as the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association and Dairyland Power Cooperative.


The Director fixed fee is $250.00 per meeting plus a travel adder and mileage. Travel, lodging and meal expenses for out of town meetings are reimbursed at actual expenditures.


Directors are elected at the annual meeting.  All members present can vote in each district that is having an election. There is one vote for each membership. 

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