Price Electric is proud to provide electrical service to rural properties in Price and parts of Ashland, Iron, Lincoln, Oneida, Rusk, Sawyer, Taylor, and Vilas Counties.  

Need power extended to an area currently not serviced with electricity? Building a new home? Need to upgrade your current electric service? Contact Price Electric's Operations Department at 1-800-884-0881.

Best efforts will be made to accommodate your construction schedule; however adequate lead time is necessary to obtain the necessary equipment and paperwork.

Service Requirements:

Please see Service Requirements for detailed information on service specifications.

New Service Procedure:

  1. Contact our Operations Department at 1-800-884-0881 to initiate the new service process. You will be asked to provide the following:
    • Property Location
    • Your contact information: Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number
    • A copy of your Warranty Deed to facilitate creation of an easement for electrical service (providing this deed early will help expedite the new service process)
  2. When you are ready to move forward with the new service, we will mail you:
  3. Upon receipt of the Member Application and New Service Membership Terms, we will set up a time for designing and estimating the new service on your property. You are welcome to meet our representative at your site to discuss where the service will be run and where you would like your pedestal placed.
  4. After the property has been designed, we will mail you:
    • An invoice for the pedestal, estimated cable footage, and applicable construction costs—please see Schedule Z for current fee information
    • Wiring Compliance Statement (to be signed by your electrician and notarized)
    • Electrical Utility Easement (if the Warranty Deed for the property has been received)
  5. Before construction begins, the following must be on file:
    • Payment for pedestal, cable footage, and construction costs
    • Completed Wiring Compliance Statement (Signed & Notarized--if applicable)
    • Completed Easement (Signed & Notarized)
  6. The member is responsible for clearing the right-of-way on his/her property.
  7. Upon completion of construction, we will refund or invoice you for the difference between the actual and estimated cable used.  
  8. Monthly billing will begin after the construction process has been completed.

Please see Service Requirements for detailed information on service specifications.

For service upgrades, please contact our Operations Department at 800-884-0881 to discuss your proposed changes.

Disconnects and reconnects for work being performed by you or your electrician on your premises will be completed at no cost.  Service upgrades requiring relocation of the meter service point may be subject to service relocation fees.  A signed and notarized Wiring Compliance Statement is required prior to reconnection of all upgraded services.