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PEC supports members who are interested in installing renewable energy (ex. solar array)  to interconnect with PEC's electric grid. To qualify for interconnection members must: 

  • Complete interconnection application and supply PEC with one line diagram. Application must be approved before interconnection to PEC's grid.
  • Interconnection agreement must be signed at time of commissioning

Please contact PEC for information about the distributed generation program prior to starting your project. 

The Suncatcher Solar Garden is located adjacent to the PEC Member Service Center on Springs Drive in Phillips. The energy coming from this array goes back into the PEC electrical grid and allows member to participate in renewable energy. 


Suncatcher Facts: 

  • The array includes 272, 400-watt rated panels. 
  • the unique bi-facial (two-sided) design of the panels allows the array to maximize absorption throughout the day, at a rate of 10-20% more than traditional monofacial panels. 
  • Solar panels produce electricity even on cloudy days, usually around 10-20% of the energy produced on sunny days. The credit is larger in the summer months, since the days are longer and more days are sunny. 
  • Members were able to purchase a panel or two, and they receive a monthly bill credit based on their portion of the array's generation for that month. Credits are approximately $3-$20 per month. PEC currently does not have any panels for purchase.
  • Track Suncatcher's output here

The solar garden's interconnection with the existing grid allows the generated power to be used by the PEC Member Service Center whenever possible, and distributed to PEC members. 

Suncatcher FAQ

The 2.5 MW Flambeau Solar Project, located at the corner of Shortcut Road and County Highway F northwest of Phillips, provides solar energy to PEC's Crane Chase substation. The array is owned and maintained by EDF Renewables, which in turn sells the power produced to Dairyland Power, PEC's power provider. This project is part of a larger initiative by Dairyland power to include more renewables in the generation mix. More information on Dairyland's generation mix can be found here

On a bright summer day, this array can produce enough power to supply the 1700+ members whose power is provided by the Crane Chase Substation.

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