Follow these steps when you think there may be an outage:


  1. Check to see if electricity is off across your entire premises.

  2. Check to see if there is power to your meter by physically walking out to your meter(s). If your meter has no digital display, then your power is out and you need to contact Price Electric Cooperative.

  3. If you have a circuit breaker system, check that the breaker is not tripped. Push handle to "Off" position before flipping it to the "Reset" position.

  4. Check if fuses are blown and that they are secured in the holder.

  5. Check with your neighbors to see if they have electricity. If the meter has a digital display, then you have power to the meter and the problem is within the consumer's electrical wiring and an electrician will need to be contacted to fix any problems on the consumer's side of the service.

  • PEC is allowed to perform service up to the meter. Any wires from the meter to your buildings belong to you and are your responsibility for their repair. When the damage is to your wires it is usually best to contact an electrician in your area.

  • If you have determined that the outage is not on your wires, call the Cooperative and give the following information:

    • Your name and the service address at the location.

    • Your Price Electric account number. The account number is listed on the left side of your monthly billing invoice.

    • Cause of the outage - if known. This will assist the crews in locating the problem and restoring the electricity.

To Report Outages

Call:  715-339-2155 or 1-800-884-0881

Please Note:  A $150 fee will be assessed if a crew is dispatched and the outage is found to be on the member side of the service.

power outage