Information on Renewables

solar array on a rooftop

Price Electric Cooperative supports members who are interested in installing renewable energies such as solar arrays to interconnect with PEC's electric grid. To qualify for interconnection, an interconnection application and agreement must be approved by PEC prior to installation of these facilities.  Please contact PEC for information on the program prior to beginning your project. Visit the distributed generation page for the application and other interconnection information.

evergreen logo

Happy to be Green! Evergreen Program

Evergreen is a voluntary renewable energy (green power) program available to your home, farm or business. Evergreen is for those who want to do more to support renewable energy generation. Frequently Asked Questions about the Evergreen program are available here.

If you are interested in the Evergreen program, please fill out the Application for Evergreen Blocks, and submit the application to the Price Electric office. If you would like more information, please contact our office at 715-339-2155 or 1-800-884-0881.