Load Management

If you are currently part of the load management program, you can sign up to receive notifications of a control. If you would like to receive notifications, contact the PEC office by email at memberservices@priceelectric.coop or phone at 715-339-2155.


The Summer Shift program is to shift non-essential electricity use to before 11 a.m. or after 7 p.m., June-August. These are times when electricity use is not at its peak and, therefore, is not as expensive. 

If members choose to shift their electricity use, they may not necessarily save energy. It could be the same energy used, but at a different time of day. This is still beneficial because it means PEC did not have to purchase as much power when electricity costs are most expensive. 

Shifting electricity use, just helps to spread usage throughout the day. The less electricity PEC members use when prices are at their highest, the more stable PEC can keep retail rates. The more members who choose to participate, the more impact the savings become!

summer shift