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Price Electric Cooperative is proud to present Suncatcher, our solar garden located adjacent to the PEC Member Service Center on Springs Drive in Phillips.

We are pleased to offer a local generation alternative that puts "green" energy into our own electrical grid and allows our members to participate in renewable energy!

Suncatcher Fast Facts: 

  • The array includes 272 400-watt rated panels.
  • The unique bi-facial (two-sided) design of the panels allows the array to maximize absorption throughout the day, at a rate of 10-20% more than traditional monofacial panels.
  • Solar panels produce electricity even on cloudy days, usually around 10-20% of the amount produced on sunny days. Your credit will be larger in months with longer, more sunny days and smaller when the sky is cloudy or daylight hours are shorter.
  • Subscribers will be receive a monthly bill credit based on their portion of the array's generation for the month. Credits are estimated to be $3-$10 per month or 25-62 kWh’s.
  • The solar array has an estimated life expectancy of 20 years, which is the length of the member subscription agreement.


The solar array is located east of PEC’s Member Service Center on Springs Drive in Phillips.

The solar garden’s interconnection with the existing utility grid will allow the generated power to be used by the PEC Member Service Center whenever possible, and distributed to members connected to the grid. Members can benefit from the clean energy generated and the bill credits from generation.

  1. Price Electric’s solar garden is constructed and interconnected with the electric grid.
  2. PEC members are invited to purchase subscriptions in the solar array.
  3. The electricity generated by the solar array feeds into the existing utility grid. Each month, the electricity generated by the panels(s) subscribed to by members will be credited to those members’ PEC electric bills.

Please contact PEC if you have any questions!

Suncatcher Frequently Asked Questions